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  • QDROs

    Implementation of Division of Retirement Accounts through Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)

  • Modification of Custody and Parenting Time

    Assist parents in adjusting custody arrangements or parenting time schedules when circumstances have changed since the last order.

  • Modification of Child Support and/or Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)

    Help parties obtain an increase or decrease in the spousal maintenance obligations they receive or pay when the current order is unfair or unreasonable.

  • Antenuptial (Prenuptial) Agreements

    Develop a contract for the parties to sign before marriage to help to protect their assets and rights in the event of death or divorce.

  • Paternity Matters (child(ren) born out of wedlock)

    Work with parents of children born outside of a marriage to establish paternity and develop custody, parenting time and child support arrangements for their joint minor child.

  • Divorce/Dissolution

    Guide parties through every step of the divorce process by handling all custody, parenting time, and financial issues no matter how simple or complex.

There are many facets to family law in Minnesota and each problem is unique.

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